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Annual Summer Exhibition
Saturday 12 August - Sunday 27 August
Topsham School, Orchard Way, Topsham, EX3 0DN

For directions to Topsham School, follow this link:

The exhibition is open from 10 a.m. to 5.40 p.m. from Saturday 12 August to Saturday 26 August, and from 10 a.m. to      12.30 p.m. on Sunday 27 August.






Winners 2017


The Estuary Cup

The top prize at the Topsham Summer Exhibition was won this year by Dr Geoff Teece for his watercolour of Connemara in the Republic of Ireland.

Geoff has practised watercolour for several years and studied with internationally renowned watercolourist John Hoar of South Molton among others. This year’s Guest Opener at the Preview was professional artist and author David Norman of Totnes, who praised Geoff’s clean composition, deft handling of the brush and robust style, all of which was ideally suited to the dramatic landscape of the West Coast of Ireland. 





The Douglas Dart Trophy

The Douglas Dart Trophy for the best picture of Topsham and its environs was presented at the Preview of the Topsham Art Group’s Summer Exhibition to Jayne Farleigh by professional artist and author David Norman of Totnes for her atmospheric depiction of The Goatwalk, which runs alongside the River Exe at Topsham.

Jayne has been a member of the Topsham Art Club for several years, but has also expanded her horizons to include membership of the Wildlife Art Society International and is exhibiting work at it’s show in Droitwich this year as well as at the Southern Nature Art Exhibition at Fareham. She also sells work online at

Her art has developed under the guidance of her art tutor, Danny Stone, but was nurtured at the beginning by her father who introduced her to the natural world as a child as well as encouraging her to watch wildlife programmes and study the art of the famous wildlife artist David Shepherd.

She now lives in Kingsteignton where she has her own studio.


Charles Stanley award

Exmouth artist Ernest Ager won the Charles Stanley Award at the Preview of the Topsham Art Group’s Summer Exhibition on Friday. The award was made by Matthew Hall of Charles Stanley’s Exeter Office. He praised the serene calm and lucid atmosphere of Ernest’s painting of the evening light over the Pole Sand off Exmouth.

Ernest started work as a scientist, but took up painting twenty years ago after joining the Exmouth Art Group. Because of his childhood enthusiasm for drawing he began with pastels, but soon learned how to use acrylic and oil paints at the various workshops organised by the Topsham and Exmouth Art Groups.

He particularly likes to reflect the play of light on water under different skies and particularly in the early morning and evening when there are long shadows and strong highlights. Naturally coastal scenes form a large part of his work, but he also does portraits in pastel, using the drama of light and shadow to bring out the character of the sitter.

The award, generously sponsored by Charles Stanley, includes a large supply of art materials.