Topsham Art Group

Meetings - we are in a transition from meeting on Fridays, to Tuesdays - see Programme for details


Meetings may be a series of artists’ presentations and demonstrations, or critiques of members’ works and presentations by knowledgeable guests.  They are held monthly - CHECK YOUR DIARY AND EMAILS BECAUSE WE ARE HAVING TO MOVE MEETINGS TO TUESDAYS DURING 2017.  We meet between 6.30 and 9.00 p.m.   Notices are given out before the talks start promptly at 7.00 p.m.  The meetings are at Topsham School, Orchard Way, Topsham, EX3 0DN

Programme for 2017

27 January 6:45pm Wayne Bennett

The Art of David Hockney

David Hockney is probably the UK’s most popular living artist and his colourful work is collected the world over. Wayne Bennett studied at Camberwell School of Art, Goldsmiths and the University of London, after which he worked at the Tate and then led the team at Dillington House for 23 years. He still co-directs the Summer School there and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


24 February 6:45pm Phil Creek

Demonstration – Painting with Gouache

Phil Creek is a vastly experienced art teacher who enjoys an excellent reputation among local art societies for his wise, helpful and sympathetic guidance. His skill with gouache is recognized by collectors around the world. He will demonstrate its use in landscape.



31 March 6:30pm

AGM and Michael Norman

Items for inclusion in the Agenda must be given to the Secretary in writing or email by 28 February. After AGM business is concluded, there will be a demonstration of Pastel techniques by Michael Norman, who is a Pastel Society and SWAc member as well as a Master Pastellist of the French Pastel Society.




28 April 6:45pm David Chandler

Demonstration – Sketching: Watercolour and iPad

David lives at Frome near Bath, where he teaches several art courses and workshops and runs schools in Spain and Italy. His lively and distinctive style is brilliantly expressed in his sketches, in ink, watercolour and on the iPad. He will demonstrate how he creates lively townscapes.





26 May 6:45pm Julia Quenzler

The Art of the Courtroom

Julia started her career as a self-taught artist painting portraits in the States. After her move to the UK she became a court artist. Her photographic memory and extraordinary skill with pastel pencils allow her to create vivid and accurate court scenes which appear regularly in the National Press and are seen on BBC News. She will talk about her art and some of the people she has drawn, including her recreation of the trial of Helen in “The Archers”.

Wednesday 28 June 6:45pm Jennifer Johnson  PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE FROM FRIDAY 30 JUNE

Demonstration – Sketching: Pencil and Pen & Wash

Jennifer lives and works as a professional artist in South Devon. After completing an art degree, she began her career in London as a graphic designer working for BBC Publications. For the past ten years she has run workshops in England, tutored courses abroad and is much in demand as a demonstrator and as an Architectural artist, producing concept drawings of proposed building developments.




14 July 6:45pm Lin Holdridge

The Paintings of Hieronymus Bosch

Bosch produced some of the most fantastic imagery in early Netherlandish Art. His work was widely collected and copied, especially his visions of Hell. Lin Holdridge will tell us about him. She is an Art Historian who worked at Plymouth University for over 20 years and is now an honorary Research Fellow at Exeter University. All members are invited to create a painting in the style of Bosch, but with modern ingredients that make life Hell, to show during the evening. Lin will award a prize if there are enough good entries.



Friday 29 September 6.45pm Julian Halsby - confirmed

The Art of Amadeo Modigliani

Amadeo Modigliani was an Italian painter and sculptor who worked mainly in France. His quirky portraits and languid nudes, characterized by elongation of faces and figures, were not well thought of during his short life, but have become very popular since. Julian Halsby is a much sought-after lecturer for NADFAS and author of seven books and many articles, he is also a practising artist, exhibiting in several London Galleries and in Sherborne where he now lives.




Tuesday 31 October 6:45pm Dr Jan Cox  PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE AND DAY

Nordic Art

The Nordic countries - Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland – have produced some wonderful artists, particularly in the period 1860-1900 when Severin Krøyer, Anders Zorn, Carl Larsson, Erik Westenkiold, Vilhelm Hammershøi and Edvard Munch achieved international recognition. Dr Jan D Cox specialises in 19th-century Nordic Art and is based in the Department of Continuing Education at both the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.




End of Year Party

The usual end-of year party may include a short talk, an art book sale, a quiz, a film and a competition.  Competition This will be of a snowy landscape (any medium). As usual there will be refreshments and all members are invited to bring some finger food for up to 6 people.