Topsham Art Group

Instructions for the tea rota!


  1. On arrival (which should be by 6.30 pm) make sure the urn in the kitchen area is nearly full, use one of the plastic jugs to do this.  Plug the urn in and switch on.  Make sure it is at simmering point.  Approximately 10 minutes before the 8.00pm break you will need to turn the urn up high again to get the water to boiling point.
  2. The plastic box containing the paper cups, coffee etc will already be on the counter.  Arrange the cups and then put a teaspoon of coffee in some and leave others empty.  To make the tea, it is easier to put teabags in one of the plastic jugs and fill with water from the urn.  Put milk in jug on the table inside the main hall with sugar .  Also arrange a plate of biscuits on this table.  Put the basket to collect the money in on the counter where they collect their drinks.
  3. Just before 8.00 pm (the usual time for the tea break) go and make sure water has boiled and make jug of tea.
  4. When everyone is served everything must be collected up, jugs washed and urn turned off counter cleaned and all equipment put back in the plastic box.  Valaine and Barry will collect to take home.         

Hope these are useful tips for the members who kindly take their turn on the Coffee Rota.

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